Trenchless technology has a great benefit that can contribute to the society by reducing the soil-excavation compare to the open-cut method. It can lower the impact on reducing the economic efficiency which occurs from traffic congestion and can also lower CO2 emissions.
The trenchless technology has wide variety in its usage. It can be used for not just to construct or rehabilitate underground utility pipes but to detect underground objects, investigate ancient remains and so on.
We hope that this technology will continue to develop and be used widely in society so that it can serve for people’s better living.

Aims and activities

JSTT aims to contribute to the development of trenchless technology by;

  1. Supporting research and development and publishing books and magazines.
  2. Promoting the trenchless technology by hosting lectures, supporting international exchange events, etc.
  3. Helping the training of engineers, to assist the design consideration, etc.